wedding business marketing

50 Easy Ways to Market Your Wedding Business

You can be the best at what you do, but if people do not know you exist they are not going to book you! Here are some ideas to get you seen!

  1. Get one of your weddings featured on a blog.
  2. Be featured in a magazine.
  3. Guest post on a wedding blog or a magazine article.
  4. Have a competition.
  5. Create an incentive to book with you. For example something free or extra if booked in the next few weeks.
  6. Publish a helpful guide for brides on your site.
  7. Get your work on Instagram.
  8. Send a thank you or small gift to clients.
  9. Offer something special to return customers.
  10. Give something in return for recommendations.
  11. Create an ad for a wedding blog.
  12. Have business cards that show your skills.
  13. Get on preferred vendor lists at venues.
  14. Get your work up on your blog.
  15. Handwritten thank you notes should go to brides when they book you.
  16. Have your clients send you their pictures on Facebook.
  17. Start a referral system with other professionals.
  18. View blogs and websites about marketing.
  19. Make magnets to hand out with your logo and URL.
  20. Visit bridal shows and events.
  21. Network with professionals.
  22. Have a booth at a bridal show.
  23. Try using Facebook ads.
  24. Get a sponsored post on a blog.
  25. On Facebook promote posts.
  26. Get together with other professionals for an event or photo shoot and submit to a magazine or blog.
  27. Increase your websites search ability.
  28. Help a charity and post about it.
  29. Share what makes you unique.
  30. Organically increase your engagement on Facebook.
  31. Have a contest that needs to be entered through social media.
  32. Have a current website.
  33. Update your about page.
  34. Update your sales page.
  35. Give something extra your competition doesn’t.
  36. How about a brand audit
  37. Provide a discount for large orders.
  38. Change your package options.
  39. Be positive! Everything you do reflects your business and yourself.
  40. Get clients to tag themselves on Facebook in your images and posts.
  41. Do your best to give great customer service.
  42. Always respond within 24 hours.
  43. Try to get an award.
  44. Improve the usability and speed of your website.
  45. Work with a blogger.
  46. Get out there and meet people.
  47. Promote yourself with a DIY series.
  48. Reply to questions on Twitter.
  49. Take advantage of blog comments.
  50. “Don’t give up. If something doesn’t work, pick yourself up and try again.”