Grow your business during the holidays

Grow Your Business During the Holidays

The wedding season may be winding down but there is still a lot you can do. There is no reason you can’t improve business during the holiday season. Stephanie Padovani of has some great advice on what to do:

  1. Take advantage of the “buying frenzy created by shop-happy ‘holidays’ like Black Friday and Cyber Monday” People who take part in those days are more likely to make purchases over and over again. Offer a deal to draw them in and make money!
  2. It is the time to thank your customers. Thanksgiving is the time to send out a card that won’t get lost in the piles and piles of cards in December. This gives you the advantage to stand out from your competitors. Give more than a thank you message and share some informational material with your brides and grooms. This gift will show how you appreciate them and earn loyalty.
  3. Connect and give a thanks to your wedding vendor friends as well! Show them you care and they may just show you they do as well with a referral!
  4. Can what you offer become a holiday gift? If it can this is your time to tell them about it! Offering a deal will make your product or service even more interesting to shoppers.
  5. Use your skills.  Photographers can do holiday shoots, albums or portraits.  DJs can provide special rates during the Holidays.  Event planners could offer the service of educating other in planning all those holiday parties.  You have the brides and groom but this is your chance to connect with their friends and family by providing them with a great gift!
  6. Time to get those promotions started now! Facebook, tweet, use your social media to start promoting your upcoming deals. When people are ready to shop they will know exactly where to go. Promote yourself but do not go overboard. Get the message out there but keep sharing important information and tips as well. “Don’t promote your stuff more than 50% of the time or people will tune you out altogether.”
  7. Consider a charity or sponsor an event, it is the time to give and embrace that! This will make you feel good as well as get some PR for your business.
  8. Create a contest and give it a holiday theme. People are always looking for gift and holiday ideas. Create a contest for your clients to share their favorite holiday ideas and pick the best one! “Best Holiday Gift Idea, the Best Gingerbread Cookie Recipe or if you want to stay wedding-themed, the Best Romantic Holiday Gift.” Get the excitement of the holidays going and promote yourself while you are at it!