#HASHTAG your way to more leads!

Social media can be amazing for business. Yet many wedding pros are spending their time on social media and not getting the results they want. You can market with social media and the key to it is the # (hashtag)!

If you have not heard of a hashtag it is a “pound” sign (#) followed by a phrase placed after a message. This links all the messages with this hashtag together. They can all be viewed with a simple click.

“Hashtags are commonly used on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr and many other social media sites.”

Brides will use these hashtags to look for information. For example #WeddingDress.


Create your own unique hashtag!

“Charmin, known for its cheeky sense of humor, created a unique hashtag to promote the brand. (#TweetFromtheSeat)” They don’t have to be funny, you can create a simple to the point hashtag for a contest.

Hashtags can be used to share information on a weekly bases. #WeddingWednesday

Use hashtags others use to be seen by their viewers! Posting with commonly used hashtags will get you seen by new audiences.

Keyword hashtags are a great idea too, they can be seen in google searches and on social media. Such as cities and types of business. #DetroitWedding #DetroitPhotographer

You can stand out with unique hashtags but it also a good idea to use some of the most popular ones too.


“Last year, David Tutera’s television show, My Fair Wedding, was eagerly anticipated by brides nationwide. Koyal Wholesale hosted a contest in conjunction with the TV episodes, using the unique hashtag #koyallovemfw as well as the show’s hashtag #myfairwedding. This gave the company exposure to the My Fair Wedding’s viewing community of 200,000 viewers per week.”

Make sure you are using hashtags on social media! Get more leads!