Stand Out in the Wedding Industry

There are TONS of service providers out there for brides and grooms to choose from – it can be difficult to make yourself stand out from the rest.  Couples can confuse you with your competitor and easily get overwhelmed when planning their wedding.  Having a useful website and marketing materials along with an effective presence at bridal shows is important and can pay dividends in the future.  But what about something else?  What about that one item that provides a benefit to a prospective customer whether or not they use you in the end?

Jennifer Reitmeyer of Wedding IQ calls it a “value-add”.  This may be a giveaway or better yet something that guides couples to a educated decision about their wedding vendors.  A way to do this can be a printed or web based written resource. An eBook can be offered for free download as a PDF, with or without some type of registration.  “My company created an eBook earlier this year that allows readers an inside look at the sales tactics used within the DJ industry” says Reitmeyer.  “The book is presented as part of a comprehensive ‘advice’ page, full of articles on budgeting for your wedding and making your wedding unique, as well as tips on ‘green’ weddings.”

If an eBook isn’t for you another great tool for couples is a webinar.  Create your own videos for new couples to view.  This can cover information that can help them make better decisions when it comes to their wedding.  Bottom line – having a value-add will impress couples as well as make you creditable in your industry. Sharing your knowledge with couples shows your confidence and helps your business grow!