Grow Your Business

Take Only 5 Minutes A Day To Grow Your Business!

Make a list of 6 items to work on. Get rid of the 5 tasks that are not as important. Now focus on the top 1! Focus on “What’s the ONE THING I have to accomplish today?” Accomplishing this one task helps you to prioritize!

Take a moment every hour and make sure what you are doing is the most important thing. It is easy to get distracted. Make sure you are focusing on what you should be. If you aren’t, get yourself back on track.

Set up a schedule before you go to bed. Plan your tasks in order to be the most successful that you can be. Make sure you are ready to go when you wake up.

Simple tasks like these can have a large impact on your business! There is no need to change your whole life just start taking 5 minutes to make a change.


Taken from How to Grow Your Wedding Business in 5 Minutes a Day from Book More Brides by Stephanie Padovani