website mistakes

Website mistakes YOU are making!

Clients will look for you online and your website is one of the first things they will see. It is all about first impressions! Make sure you aren’t making these mistakes:

  1. Your website talks way too much about yourself.  Put yourself in your clients shoes and ask “What does that mean to me?” What you say should tell your client why they should work with you.
  2. You are using words clients will not understand.  You do not want to confuse potential clients with terms that only wedding professionals would use. Make sure your wording is easily understood.
  3. The bride is all you are talking about.  Try to include the couple and not just focus on the bride.  “The biggest mistake in losing the sale is focusing just on bride. 65% of grooms are involved & decisions have equal weight.” –Splendid Insights
  4. Your visitors are not being asked to do anything.  Just reading your posts or website is not enough. Try using “calls to action” for example “click here” or “sign up”. What do you want the visitor to do?
  5. You aren’t showing what you are doing.  A simple website won’t cut it anymore. Try blogging or guest blogging. Testimonials and photos help give clients a look at who you are.