Get More Reviews!

Looking to get more reviews for your company? Here are some suggestions for you.

E-mail Marketing:

Send your customers a message asking them if they would like to review your business. You do not want this to seem like spam, but have a personal feel. Say something like, “We were wondering if you could spare a couple of minutes to give us a review! It would help our company greatly, and would also give us great user feedback so we can help you out in return! We are always trying to get feedback to create a better customer experience.”


Create a survey about your customer service. Send it by e-mail or mail and make it fun for your customers, have it benefit them in some way.

Survey by Phone:

Call your customers and ask them a few questions about your customer service. Make sure they know you are doing this to improve your business. Then let them know where they can leave you a review.

E-mail Signature:

Send an e-mail and ask them about their experience. At the bottom of your e-mail (in the signature) include a link to leave you a review. “Next to the link have it say something like “if you want give us a review here!” It makes it seem very casual without the customer feeling like they are being pressured.”

Make an Infographic:

Create an infographic to teach people on how to leave a review. Make it simple and easy to understand to make the customer want to leave a review. Walk them through each step.

Social Media:

“Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram those are great places to ask people to give you reviews.” Create a posting asking customers to leave you a review to help improve your business.

Website Review:

Create a page on your website that is for leaving you a review. Make sure there are instructions and your website is user friendly and easy to find.

If you want reviews you need to ASK! Make sure you are giving the best customer service possible so that they want to leave you a review.

A Review On Getting Reviews BY BRIAN LAWRENCE