Using Social Media for Weddings

Improve Your Presence On Social Media

Make sure to research!
Having a presence on all social media networks might not always be right for you. Find out which networks will be the most valuable to your business.

Tip: Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are a great idea for wedding professionals!

All profiles should be complete!
Make sure all your info is filled in, complete and correct. Have a image, about page, and important contact information. Have enough information that followers understand your business and know who you are.

Try custom!
Use tools to create a custom Facebook page, customize your cover photo, tabs and more. Try your hand at photoshop or have a designer create something custom for you.

Have social media links everywhere!
Once you have all your social media set up, make sure people know where to find you. Add links on your storefront, business website, in your e-mail footer and signature. Icons can be added to your business card to showcase the sites you have information on.

Have things easy to share!
Easy share links help users to share the information you have posted. Share tools such ad Add This creates simple website tools to share your content.

Being consistent is important!
Post and update information on a regular basis. You want your page not to only be updated but you want followers to find your content to be useful. With multiple people posting make sure the tone stays consistent and everyone knows what they should be posting and what they shouldn’t.

Improve your content!
Everything you post should relate to your audience. It is great to advertise and share your most recent blog post. Make sure you share content, such as articles, that are relevant and thought provoking to get attention. Social Media should not just be about you, but rather show potential clients you understand what they need and are looking for.

Always respond to social media!
The key to social media is the social part. Always respond to comments and posts from your followers. Be thankful for positive posts and get to the bottom of negative posts by being professional and hopefully stopping it from escalating. Other followers will notice your presence and know you are doing a great job!


Taken from the Wedding Wire Edu